FRP Tanks for SWRO desalination plant

Design and Production FRP tanks for different uses

The Ashdod SWRO desalination plant was built at 2012-2014 by a J.V. of Minrav and SADYT.

BEL was chosen by the J.V. to supply 17 FRP tanks for different aspects of the plant:

  • 14 tanks to store different kinds of chemicals at volumes between 4 m3 and 100 m3
  • A 125 m3 Sludge silo with a cone bottom hanged on a metal frame.
  • 2 towers (balance columns) at diameter of 3.5 [m] and highest of 25 [m]. Each tower includes an inner overflow pipe at diameter of 1.8 [m] – the tower are used to keep a study and balanced pressure in process.