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Company Profile

BEL Technologies Ltd is a part of the BEL GROUP.

BEL GROUP was founded in 1966 and rapidly increased its activities in the Composite material production market.


In 1991, while relocating to its new, modern and well equipped facility on a lot of 12,500 [m²], BEL Technologies Ltd. was established where all its know-how and experience in the manufacturing of equipment for the chemical and food industries, waste water treatment and water supply was consolidated.


At the latest nineties, as a part of the increasing policy of BEL group BEL started to produce and supply High Performance Composite Pressure Vessel for Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration and Ultrafiltration membrane industry, based on the unique production line purchased by the company, see more at www.belvessels.com


The technologies used by the company are the most advanced in the industrial reinforced plastic field and comply with international standards.


The production facility includes computer controlled Filament Winding machines, a full range of moulds and mandrels as required for the common GRP work methods.


Since 2008, BEL Technologies Ltd has the ability to build Tanks at diameters of up to 20 [m] at the costumer sites, by using a unique site winding machine, without any transportation limitations.